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At Never-Gone.com, you can search through our memorials to find your lost loved ones and lost friends. You can do a simple search using the purple box above or use the advanced search below.

Note that memorial creators set the privacy settings and have the ability to not include their memorials in the search results. So if you know that there is a memorial, but can't find it, check with the creator as it may be set to private.

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Newly Created Memorials

1959 - 2023
Hilda Leggett
Fairmont, North Carolina
This memorial was created in honor of Hilda Joyce Leggett of...View Memorial
1958 - 2023
Tim Killeen
Reno, Nevada
This memorial was created in honor of Timothy "Tim" Francis Killeen...View Memorial
1991 - 2023
Damien Nason
Wichita Falls, Texas
This memorial was created in honor of Damien M Nason of Wichita...View Memorial
1932 - 2023
Carrie Elvington
Lake View, South Carolina
This memorial was created in honor of Carrie Mae Elvington of Lake...View Memorial