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Honoring the life your lost loved one is what we are all about. How can we expect you to do that without tons of features? That is why the free memorial you'll create at Never-Gone.com will be fully featured complete with media galleries, tributes, memories, life stories, memorial linking, etc.

Our memorials offer more features than any other memorial site on the Internet and we provide it all for free. Not free for a week, not free for limited features, FREE - Free Everything, Free Unlimited Resources and FREE FOREVER. There isn't even anywhere on our website that you can put in billing information, not even for donations. We don't want our visitors money, we want you to just concentrate on honoring the life of your lost loved one and leave the rest to us.

With that being said, check out the features that Never-Gone.com offers to you, on the house.

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Newly Created Memorials

1953 - 2022
Andre Kouam
Bafoussam, International
This memorial was created in honor of Andre Kouam of Bafoussam,...View Memorial
2007 - 2022
Phi Weaver-de la Peña
Kihei, Guam
This memorial was created in honor of Phi Weaver-de la Peña of Kihei,...View Memorial
1947 - 2021
Len Springer
Maumelle, Arkansas
This memorial was created in honor of William "Len" Leonard Springer...View Memorial
1975 - 2022
Alfredo Carrasco
Phoenix, Arizona
This memorial was created in honor of Alfredo "Alfie" Carrasco of...View Memorial