Date Created: 09/29/2019
Last Updated: 11/06/2019

In loving memory of Daniel Kwoka
2/28/1941 - 10/3/2019

Location: Stratford, Connecticut

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This memorial was created in honor of Daniel Kwoka of Stratford, Connecticut. Daniel was born on February 28, 1941 and passed on October 3, 2019. Daniel was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Stephen Panza Wednesday, November 06, 2019
From his daughter Karen:

Today we celebrate the life of my Dad. Daniel Kwoka. He was not only a father but he was someone special to all of us gathered here today. Over the last week I have heard so many memories and stories about my father from both family members and friends. There are stories of his days growing up in Seymour causing the kind of trouble with his brothers that would raise the eye brows of local law enforcement. He shared tales of his own about his days in the Air Force testing aircraft, pushing their limits, and on at least one occasion, according to him accidently blowing over a guard booth while the guard was still in it. That seemed to be one of his favorite stories, he always laughed when he told it. After the Air Force he married my mom and adopted my brother and I. He worked at Sikorsky Aircraft as an inspector where he was very meticulous in his job. Nothing got past him. He would have to make sure the helicopter parts were up to certain specifications. If they were off by the slightest bit, he would reject them without hesitation. He loved his job and cared so much that he would help the supplier find a solution to the issue on his own time. He was always proud of us growing up. He loved us very much no matter how mad we made him at times. My brother and nephew really pushed his buttons at times. His love was unconditional. He was always concerned and looking out for us. He was very hands on and would teach us how to do everything from working on the cars, doing chores in the yard and making chicken with copious amounts of apple cider vinegar in the pressure cooker. He was the father you can go to and talk to if you had any problem. He would tell you the truth and the way it was. He would never beat around the bush. My fondest memory together was when I was about 10 years old and he told me to “grab my stuff.” We got on a small plane and went to the Cape. My mom was not fond of me going with my dad and his friends, but he said “Kar lets go!” Off we went and before you knew it I was working on reeling in a huge tuna. It took me a half hour, all by myself. The whole time my dad was holding onto the back of my sweatshirt and jeans so I wouldn’t get pulled overboard. This tuna put up a good fight and he was so proud of me when I finally got it on board. The tuna was a Bonita. Whenever I was down, having a bad day or just needed support or encouragement he would say Bonita. It was our thing. My dad was very smart and loved to solve problems. He almost always had a solution for everything. I remember one night while I was working on my math homework, it took 4 pages and 1 hour for him to explain the problem but, he not only figured it out, the answer was right. He was in the first class of Emergency Medical Technicians with Stratford EMS and loved to help people in need. As a little girl, I would go to the Fire House and watch him do CPR on a manikin and ask a lot questions. He would give you the shirt off his own back and was a true friend. He supported a dear family friend Mr. Walsh as he dealt with cancer. He would keep him company for his chemo treatments and try his best to keep his spirits high. He spoke of Mr. Walsh throughout his own battle with cancer and he would get a tear in his eye every time. Aside from working endless hours and volunteering his time he loved to travel with the family all over the world. Words cannot express the type of father that he was. He would call me at all hours in the morning while I was at work and give me a weather update or his sugar reading. Sometimes just to say hello. We have a special bond and I will always be his daddy’s little girl. The last several weeks were very tough on him. He was diagnosed with cancer and went from walking and talking to being bedridden in less than a month. He fought hard from the beginning. When the Doctors said he is no longer a candidate for Chemo he said it is what it is and so be it. He accepted it and eventually was able to say he was ready for it to be done. We were all there to comfort him and reassure him as he did for us for so many years. I look back on my life and see how much my father had an impact on everyone he knew and I am so thankful and blessed that he was a dad, brother, grandfather, and friend. I want to share some words of advice that was shared with my brother and nephew through the years.
• If you start something finish it
• Do the best you can and own whatever you do
• Always be truthful and never lie because it will get you no where good or fast
• Shoot for the stars and someday you will be something great, successful and happy
• Never give up even when it gets tough, it will always get better as long as you put your mind to it
• You have the tools to be someone in this big world as long as you try and give it your best shot always giving 150% of your effort
• Life’s too short to not do and be all the things you want to be and more
I hope everyone gathered here today can learn from his advice and will cherish and share the memories and stories they have of my dad. In closing, whenever my father and I would say good bye, I would say I love you and he would reply I love you more. Well today dad, I get to say I love you more… Bonita

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