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Last Updated: 11/14/2017

In loving memory of David Denton
10/28/1939 - 11/5/2017

Location: Springfield, Oregon

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This memorial was created in honor of David Douglas Denton of Springfield, Oregon. David was born on October 28, 1939 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and passed on November 5, 2017.

Services were held on Saturday, November 11th 2017 at St. Alice Catholic Church in Springfield, Oregon at 11:00 AM. Reception to follow.


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From: Patricia Hansen Tuesday, November 14, 2017
There were many layers to my Dad. There was of course the Marine Dad, always looking sharp in his uniform, strong, confident with a commanding air about him. Trust me when he spoke... People listened!

There was the loving but strict father. We all looked up to him, wanting his time and attention. He was fun too, I will always remember him receiving long underwear at Christmas in Barstow one year and he went to try it on, coming out dancing for all of us to see.

Then there was the Sailor. Who has a sail boat in the middle of the desert? David Denton. We would travel to San Diego and different lakes in CA to sail. What an adventure!

One of my favorites was the Cowboy. We had horses growing up. Dad would dress in his chaps, boots, hat, bringing along his lariat and pistol just to go riding. Those were some of the best memories. During this time period, he also put on huge barbecues with roasted meat in a pit, home made chili ( which will always remain one of my favorite dishes) and beans. He would invite his recruits and friends. It was awesome.

He was a wonderful Grandpa. Always a big hug and kiss! Supporting his grandkids. When he came to our house, he wanted to be apart of everything we did... he would stand on the side lines of the soccer games, not really understanding the rules, and holler at girls who he thought were too rough on his grand-daughters!

But my very favorite memories are of the times that he would let me snuggle with him in his huge recliner... I would lay my head on his strong chest listening to his heart beat. Some times he would have buddies stop by and he would tell his stories. Stories of the military, possibly Vietnam, some good times, some bad. But all I remember is the way his voice resonated out of his chest while I would lay there holding him.

Rest Easy Daddy, Love You!

From: Ron Sprainis Thursday, November 9, 2017
Dave was my mentor and best friend. I can say as I walk through life there are rare number of individuals who have the leadership ability to inspire the people around them to achieve their best, to serve with honesty and with self-sacrifice. Dave was that person and he surely made a positive input on my life. I will miss you my friend.

From: Nina Serna Wednesday, November 8, 2017
In my eyes, nobody had a dad like mine. He was tall and handsome, fearless and strong, the most confident man around. I compared other kids’ dads to him, and they never seemed to measure up to him.
Periodically, on the marine base where we lived, they would have parades where one by one drill instructors would lead their company of men on the field. They would parade them by their commanding officers and thee on looking crowd. I would excitedly wait to see my dad come around the corner leading his men down the field. It filled me with pride, I loved to hear his thunderous voice calling out drills. He truly was the epitome of a marine.
The same voice that called out drills would call us in at the end of the day to come home. It didn’t matter where we were; when my dad yelled out our names I swear the entire base could hear him. I asked him once why he didn’t just whistle for us like other kids’ dads would; he simply said because we are his children and not his dogs.
That was the dad side of him. The man that would drive three days to Michigan, where our grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins lived, for Christmas and family reunions. The dad that took us finishing and camping. The dad that would send reel to reel recordings telling us how much he loved and missed us while he did his tour in Vietnam. The dad that was always there to listen if we needed him.
My dad taught me to ride a horse and drive a car. He even taught me how to sail a boat. Mostly he taught me right from wrong. Honest and respect. He wasn’t perfect, none of us are, but he gave me the foundation I needed in life.
My niece once drew a picture for Mother’s Day that said you are the perfect mom for your kids. That’s how I see my dad, my family, are perfect for me. God’s design for my life. I will miss my dad every day of my life until we meet again. You are forever in my heart dad, I love you.

From: Ronald Denton Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Master Gunnery Sargeant David D. Denton, USMC (ret.). He stood on the wall for all of us. His life was all about protecting us. Not only his country but those not able to protect themselves. An active member of the Knights of Columbus he always stood for the helpless. And was always there for his family no matter what. We have lost a great man this day. Dad thank you for everything you ever gave me, my morals and beliefs, my work ethic, my treatment of others and lastly for helping me to find faith in God and the human spirit. I hope someday I can fill those giant shoes you left behind. Love you forever Pop!

Master Gunnery Sargeant David D. Denton, USMC (ret.)
October 28, 1939 - November 5, 2017
Husband, father, brother, grandpa, and Big Shaw. And always our shield and protector.

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