Date Created: 03/12/2018
Last Updated: 03/12/2018

In loving memory of Darlene Parr
1/19/1946 - 3/6/2018

Location: Chino, California

Visits: 572

This memorial was created in honor of Darlene Parr. Darlene was born on January 19, 1946 and passed on March 6, 2018. Darlene was cherished by all those who surrounded her, and will be missed greatly.


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From: Hannah Spurr Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Our Sweet Darlene!!
I met you many years ago when I started dating your nephew, Sean. Apparently, I was "okay" in your book because you took to me right away. Sean told me you didn't always do that easily. I am sure it was much less about who I was and much more about who you were because you were always easy to love!

I remember when Sean and I were in college driving out to your school to pick you up and take you to the movies or out to eat. You were always happy to leave, grunting "good bye" at your roommates! When we brought you back, we always "armed" you with a large cup of coke. You rarely drank much of it but you were adamant about having it. Years later I realized it was your own unique way of "showing off" to everyone that you went out!!

I remember bringing you to our home once we were married and taking care of you over the weekend. Often I would do your nails and style or cut your hair. You loved being pampered! We would take you out to eat or prepare your favorite things to eat which always included Coke, a Hershey Bar and french fries. Of course your favorite all time meal was Thanksgiving, "churky meat", "tato mash" and "punkin pie"!!

When our own little ones came along, you lovingly took them in too! Hannah was your "Hanno Baby" and you two would snuggle and laugh. She took over combing your hair and caring for you too. Zachary was the name you said the clearest, but you liked to call him "Henry" and would giggle knowing you were not saying the correct name! You loved to watch him play baseball and even played catch with him. You always were spot on with your throws!

We will miss all the joy you brought to us but we celebrate your entrance into Heaven! Knowing you are completely whole and have found your voice is such a blessing. I imagine you singing and talking up a storm - especially with Jesus and your parents.

We love you and miss you baby!
Love "Lorange" (Lauren)

From: Hannah Spurr Monday, March 12, 2018
To Darlene Parr Sweet baby. I will miss you more than you know, and more than I imagined. Some of my favorite childhood memories are the ones I made with you, and hearing my parents tell stories about you. You are such a character. Heck, Darlene, the home you lived in was decorated in Coke – A – Cola posters just because you loved it so much and the people there loved you. You are so loved. I remember when I was in 5th grade, and you and Dubba came to visit us in Texas, and you sat on me because I was in the chair you wanted. I remember being a little girl, and playfully smacking my blanket on you to get you to pay attention to me. I remember my parents telling me about the time you sat down in the middle of the movie theater hall because you sat with your legs wound up under you and they fell asleep so you couldn’t walk. It still makes me laugh today thinking about you sitting on the floor yelling at my parents that you weren’t going to get up. You have always been so defiant of everyone else. No is your favorite word, unless of course you’re substituting “no” with “eletwant” or “beawr”, and usually when you say no, you end up getting your way. There is a picture I have somewhere in my desk drawer of you and me, and were sitting on a bench out at a park in California, probably somewhere close to Chino or Azusa, and we’re eating In-And-Out. You ate half of my burger that day when I wasn’t looking after my parents told you no, multiple times, you stinker. I was probably 3 or 4, and the picture is of me laughing at the fact you got in trouble you ate my food. It’s the only picture I brought to college with me. I will cherish that picture for a lifetime. It reminds me not only of a time when life problems were as simple as your Aunt Darlene sneak eating half of your food, but also of my own stubborn streak. Funny thing is I think if you asked my family, they would say my favorite word was ‘no’ too. I must have got it from you. When you were born, back in 1946, doctors didn’t understand much about down syndrome. They told Mumo, your mother, between the downs and your faulty hip, you wouldn’t live much past 13. And here you made it to 72. You defied all odds Darlene Parr. You lived way past the death sentence the doctor handed your mother. I’m so happy that you did because it means that I got a chance to meet you and love you. Although you lived a lot longer than anyone thought, they never did fix that crap hip of yours. I’m sorry they never did. I’m sorry you lived most of your life in a home, with little to no visitors. I’m sorry you didn’t grow up knowing me very much or my family. I will always be your Hanno Baby. I can’t tell you how much I will miss your extremely tight gripped hugs, kisses on the cheek, and your cackle of a laugh. You truly have brought me joy. I know that you are no longer suffering, and you’re with Jesus now, free of your illness and your downs. I’m sure now your soul is free to sing and dance with Jesus in a way you couldn’t here. I miss you so much, but I know you are in such a better place, so as you always loved to sing to me, “I’ll sing and shout the ‘peck-a-wee’ (victory)”. I love you always. “Hanno Baby”

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