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In loving memory of Sean "Skip" Smith, Sr
1/31/1975 - 3/3/2017

Location: Toledo, Ohio

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This memorial was created in honor of Sean "Skip" Smith, Sr of Toledo, Ohio. Sean was born on January 31, 1975 in Toledo and the good Lord took him from us on March 3, 2017. Sean was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Tana Felkey Wednesday, April 26, 2017
If I had just one word to describe my baby brother Sean it would be: Genuine

When Sean was angry…. You knew it
When Sean was happy…. You knew it
When Sean was sad…. You knew it
When Sean was troubled or confused… you knew it

Sean was a kind, loving, caring man filled with compassion. If he loved and cared about you… you knew it

Sean was a simple man who enjoyed many things. He didn’t require much to make him happy. He was funny and sarcastic - oh how I will miss his laugh.

Sean was a righteous man who told the truth and always seeked the truth. He always stayed true to himself and was content with who he was.

He liked sharing his knowledge with others. Sean was always there to help in your time need. He was self-sufficient but knew who to turn to in his time of need. I will miss him stopping over and talking for hours.

Sean loved his children with all of his heart and soul. He faced many extremely emotional struggles in life when it came to his children. Through it all, he never gave up on any of them and never stopped trying to make things right.

On several occasions I have asked myself, why was God’s chosen path for my brother was so difficult. There is not one easy or simple answer. I have done some soul searching and believe that Sean’s passing is a message of LOVE. I am talking about Ultimate, True, Forgiving, Unselfish, Unconditional LOVE.
He is healing our family in ways that no one on the outside could possibly comprehend.

Mom has always taught us that FAMILY is the most important thing in life - because in the end, no matter what, family WILL always be there. We are a strong family. We will help each other through our difficult days ahead.

To Sean Jr., Sam, and Skylar: We will ALWAYS be here for you. All of us…. Our entire family. Your Dad was an amazing man who loved you deeply. Take all of his strengths and live each day by them. He will be watching over you and protecting you forever…. the miracles have already started unfolding.

To Mom and Tim: I cannot imagine your pain. Love you two so much. We will ALWAYS be here for you. No matter what.

To Terri, my brother Tim and Aunt Lori - : We have so many good memories of our childhood and adulthood as siblings. I love you and will always be here for you.

Our family will forever be grateful for being the lucky, chosen ones who knew my brother for who he truly was. Sean will live in our memories, hearts and souls forever.

I love you Sean. Thank you for being my baby brother. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From: April Grajczyk Wednesday, April 12, 2017
This shit just doesn't seem real. I keep waiting to hear your truck tires squealing up my driveway. I keep waiting for you to walk in and say " Listen to this crazy ass shit that happend to me last night". Who the hell am I going to call crying when my furnace isn't working or my hot water tank is leaking water everywhere? Who is going to be the one to put my psychotic ass on the ground when I'm going crazy? Who's going to argue with me on the xbox about who's a better gamer?

You were a misunderstood person an aquire taste to say the least. But one things for sure you were always real. You never cared what anyone thought. I have always admired you in a way for that.

I know we weren't really talking and I'm sorry for that. God am I sorry for that. You and I both know though at the end of the day that we could count on one another know matter what. Even if we weren't talking. You were going through some shit and I didn't know how to help you but I also couldn't watch you self destruct so I had to distance myself. God what I would give for one more of your Sean rages! As pissed off as they would make me....

You always lived life by the seat of pants. Nothing you did ever seized to amaze me. Spray painting your car I still remember how embarrassed I was to have that thing sitting in front of my house. Planning a vacation to Flordia in like 2 days....who does that? 3 am knocks on the door cause you are just getting into town. I'm going to miss that shit.

You were the first person to really meet and accept Nick as family. Hell most of the time I thought you guys were more related then we were. Thank you! Nicks a mess right now. He don't show alot of emotion. But I know this is killing him. Watch over him....for me.

I know you were struggling mentally. I hope you are finally at peace. Give grandma , grandpa, and uncle bob hugs and kisses for me. Promise me you won't cause too much trouble up there with big guy. He has his hands full now??. I love you....till we meet again?.

From: Janet Hurt Wednesday, April 12, 2017
To My Dear Son Sean,

You came into my life and brought me such joy. You went out of my life so suddenly, but in reality, you will never be out of my life. I loved you so dearly. Even through some of the bad times in your life, I never gave up on you, nor did my family. We all stuck together and tried to help you through all of your bad times. We never stopped loving you. I always knew you had so much good in you. You came across as such a hard ass, but deep inside you had such a soft heart. I saw that in you and admired that in you. If you felt emotional, you were never too proud to cry. That takes a real man to be able to show such emotion.

In the past 19 years through all those years of being a single parent and a single custodial grandparent, you were always there for me. If I needed something fixed or started a brand new project, you were always there to help me out. I was always so grateful to you for all your help (even is sometimes I complained that you took too long to complete a project) ?. Thank You for all that Sean.

You will be so deeply missed by your father, myself, Your brother Tim, Your sisters Tana & Terri, Your daughter Skylar, & Yours Sons Sean Jr, Samuel & PJ. I know you felt that we didn’t care as much about PJ as your other children, but we did. You didn’t understand that we are all just getting much older and we didn’t have the fight in us anymore. I have no doubt you will be watching over PJ to make sure he is taken care of properly. These last 5 years I know were so difficult for you, wanting to be a good dad to PJ, but always being kept from him. When I walked into your hospital room to say my goodbye to you, you looked at peace finally. That brings peace to me. My boy was finally at peace and no one could hurt you anymore. I thank the good Lord above for that.

It shouldn’t be this way. A mother and father should never have to bury one of their children. We were suppose to go before you. You were not a religious man, but God had his plan for you. Your journey on this earth was up. God has a better plan for you now. We do not have to like his new plan for you, but we have to accept it.

RIH my dear sweet son. Please let your Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Bob know how much we miss them.

I Love You to the moon & back, with all my heart and soul……….Your Mother

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