Date Created: 07/05/2016
Last Updated: 07/19/2016

In loving memory of Romeo Delacruz
12/17/1934 - 7/3/2016

Location: Rimrock, Arizona

Visits: 4,536

This memorial was created in honor of Romeo Delacruz of Rimrock, Arizona. Romeo was born on December 17, 1934 and passed on July 3, 2016. Romeo was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Leilani Delacruz Monday, July 18, 2016
Many memories come to mind at this time...but there is a few that will be forever close to my heart. 1. Thank you for being there Dad to walk me down the aisle, your oldest and last to get married. 2. I drove from California day before you were to be released from rehabilitation center in Prescott, AZ. You had, had a mini stroke. Dad,we almost lost you then...I Remember our conversation when you said. "Lani, I thought that was it. When this happend I was gone for sure. But, I said No! NO, im not going anywhere! I have babies to watch grow! :) Dad, you did watch your grand babies grow. Though dementia robbed alot of things from you, you loved having the little ones all around you.It brings me joy even now the memory of your quiet smiles & chuckles. 3. Two years ago, i drove across the desert for one of my visits to see you,and help mom. After a rough night on my watch... I came down the hall to lead you back to your bed for the hundredth time. There from where you stood in the doorway you looked at me when I took your hand and said my my name. " Leilani, " though my tears I saw you give me the biggest smile. It was the best gift you could have given me after so long not hearing your voice, knowing if you remembered...thank you. Miss you Dad. Love your daughter, Leilani

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