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In loving memory of Kenneth Hughes
10/7/1921 - 10/24/2014

Location: Seattle, Washington

Visits: 20,827

Welcome to the tribute and remembrance of our dear husband, father, grandpa and great-grandpa. Enjoy the memories and share your own. We all loved Kenny very much. Until we meet again...

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Link to Ken's videos and slide show compiled for his funeral reception can be seen at Unfortunately YouTube has removed the audio from the video because we used some music clips. Copyright laws...from my purchased music. Strange how that works. If anyone wants a copy of the video I have it saved and can send it to you, just contact me at the email address above.

Link to Ken's Military Burial Service at Tahoma National Cemetery can be seen at

Obituaries were posted in North Dakota's Cavalier Chronicle and in the Highline Times. Cavalier is very near where Ken and Tess grew up.

Please take a second to sign the guest book. Tess would love to see all the people that are visiting this memorial for her beloved husband.

Enjoy the memories!

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Current Memories

From: Mark and Linda Hughes Thursday, November 13, 2014
Here's a great story from Kenny's nephew Neil Poussier. Uncle Kenny: Memories of a seven year old from 67 years ago. I am the second child of Marcel Poussier and Eunice Hughes Poussier Winch. Eunice was the eldest of the Alger and Sara Hughes eight children. In April 1947 Marcel died suddenly in a car accident. At the time, Eunice had three children, Dale 10, Neil 7 (that’s me), and Elaine 2. Also she was pregnant with her fourth Marcella who would be born in September. Dale was devastated as he understood the significance of the death of his father and he immediately stepped up as best as he could to be the “man of the house”. I was too young to comprehend what was going on. As a seven year old I knew change was taking place but didn’t know what was missing, but God knew and sent me a couple of angels, Ken and Tess . I don’t have a lot of memories from that time in my life but I do remember Kenny and Tess taking me picnicking and swimming at both Angle Lake and Seward Park on Lake Washington. Over the years I have often wondered why a twenty something young man would drag along a seven year old on a date with his girl but came to realize that it was because he was Uncle Kenny and that is what he would do. Those were very special times for me to get that special attention and to become Aunt Tess’ “favorite nephew”. The following years often included special time with Kenny and Tess. As a teen I remember riding my bike from West Seattle to their home in the “Top Hat” area south of Seattle, just to visit. I think I was in my twenties before I ever heard Aunt Tess refer to one of the other cousins as her “favorite”. But I knew I was her favorite not because she told me that every time I saw her but because of the love she showed me over these past 67 years. Uncle Kenny will always be my hero and Tess will always be my favorite Aunt. Neil Poussier, November 2014

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