Date Created: 08/07/2019
Last Updated: 08/07/2019

In loving memory of Jerry Bundenthal
2/7/1946 - 8/3/2019

Location: Fountain Inn, South Carolina

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This memorial was created in honor of Michael "Jerry" Jerry Bundenthal of Fountain Inn, South Carolina. Michael was born on February 7, 1946 in Dayton and passed on August 3, 2019. Michael was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Brenda Bowers Wednesday, October 23, 2019
I love and miss you so much Daddy. I remember lots of basketball horse games on Northridge High School Basketball Court. You would drive us there or we walked there along with Jerry Jr and Bob. We had to take a boombox for music listening pleasure. When we didn't play horse ,where you always won that game we played who could make the most free throw line shots in a row. I believe you won on that count also. And I remember lots of good times @ different campgrounds when Jerry and I were younger. I guess sometime in middle school years. Until one year, campgrounds in Ohio would not allow Sergeant our white shepherd dog pure breed we decided to head towards Florida for vacation. And then when we got there we flipped a coin and decided to go towards California or bust trip. Very fond memories especially KOA Campgrounds in Elpaso, Texas where Jerry and I cooked You and Mommy's Wedding Anniversary Anniversary Dinner or Breakfast and then celebrating on the biggest, largest water slide around. We all loved each other and any type of water to swim in. My Dad was the one that taught my Mom, Jerry,& me to swim in our Huber Heights, OH home backyard pool. He taught us so well to back float in the water we had no fear of it that we would go to sleep floating around the pool as the jets pulled us around the pool and wake-up with a bad sun burn everywhere. Jerry, Daddy would always sink in the water, could not float for a sustained period of time. We really enjoyed every minute with them. My Mom has also passed on to live in Heaven with Jesus on 2-05-2011. Once we reached California, already late for us to be home on our first day of school,decided to keep travelling up to Washington state and and then headed back East towards Montana and Wisconsin and Michigan. While in Michigan, we purchased a canoe that we used on one of the Lakes there. Then being of less body weight. We could ride in the canoe 2 or 3 or maybe all four of our body weight didn't go over the weight limit for the canoe. But has we aged and gained weight. Only 2 people could go out on the lake at a time. We still have this same canoe from Michigan has one of many suvineers. The wind on the lake was very chilly. And this brings us to last leg of our trip headed back South towards Dayton,Ohio. I still have lots of Poloriod Pictures along the whole trip around the USA we call it. So it ends back in Dayton and Back to School time for us kids, even though we are late for registration time. All ends with a bang of excitement from our trip and something great to share with our friends that year. After that year, Jerry and I always wished to head off to Florida whenever there was a big test or something we needed to get out of school to skip. And we did take several more trips to Florida, but we always wound up back in Dayton, Ohio to be with close family on Mommy's and Daddy's sides. God bless you and all of us. Amen.

From: Amy Johnson Wednesday, August 07, 2019
I'm so glad we got to see each a few times over the past few years. I enjoyed talking with you on the phone, at Jessica and Matt's wedding, at your house in SC and when you come out to the Pacific Northwest! You were 20 years older than me and had already moved out and was starting your own family when I was born. But when you visited I thought you were bigger than life, you were so cool to me! I loved hearing you talk and you had an awesome laugh!! I will always remember you!! Thanks for being my big brother!! I Love You Lots!!!!

From: Kim Geis Wednesday, August 07, 2019
My brother was 14 years older than me. I always looked up to him. As a child I saw him as a combination of Elvis and Superman. I remember when he would tuck me into bed. I loved him. ??

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