Date Created: 12/29/2020
Last Updated: 12/29/2020

In loving memory of Bert Harrop
2/21/1939 - 12/25/2020

Location: Dallas, Texas

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This memorial was created in honor of George "Bert" Bert Harrop of Dallas, Texas. George was born on February 21, 1939 in Manhattan, KS and passed on December 25, 2020. George was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Susan Harrop Tuesday, December 29, 2020
I wrote this for my father as a Christmas Gift in 2016. Since then there have been other 'cool' things, my father did for me, but I still like this list. Ten Totally Cool Things My Father Did For Me: 1. He gave me a ‘magic’ stick pony for Christmas when I was three. Of course, I believed it really was magic and rode it across a very busy intersection to go get cookies at the gas station. Since I survived I didn’t understand why Mom made such a huge fuss, but I was the only child in my family to get a stick pony (magic or otherwise). Even the grandbabies didn’t get them. 2. He taught me how to scramble eggs when I was so little I had to stand on the second step on the step stool to reach the stove. We made toast, too. It was the first time I ever cooked and I still remember how very proud I was of making breakfast. 3. He convinced me that I really, really couldn’t take my little sister, Sarah, to the post office and have her delivered to a family that didn’t already have a little girl. Okay, that one took a little doing, but I was five, had been an only child forever, and we had previously had many lengthy discussions about how I wanted a little brother. 4. He taught me that zero is a place holder so you can tell the difference between 1 and 10, which is a completely accurate explanation of zero, even if my second grade teacher didn’t think so. Afterwards, he reassured me that zero really is a place holder and was a perfectly fine answer to the question. I still only got a 90, but we had ice cream as a consolation prize. 5. He taught me that the best way to end a nose bleed is to tilt your head back and squeeze your nose shut. He also didn’t tell Mom about me punching the boy who said I was too girly for the jungle bars. 6. He opened a checking account for me in college and taught me how to balance a checkbook. Then he covered the bounced checks, spent hours with me unsnarling my checkbook, re-taught me how to balance it, and trusted me enough to try again. By the time I graduated, I earned money balancing other students’ checkbooks. 7. He forced me to take typing in 7th grade. Seriously, he would not sign my course choices until I dropped my writing elective and added typing. He later similarly forced me to take cooking, sewing, and home economics for a semester each. I hated him in 7th and 8th grade. But I went to college able to type my own papers, prepare my own meals, mend clothes, clean anything (and I do mean anything), do most of my own minor home repairs, and actually live on my own without crashing and burning. Also, I got paid by other students whose fathers were not as wise as mine. 8. He got me the best tool chest ever when I moved into my own house. It has everything I need to do most of my own home repairs. 9. He installed a hall light with a motion detector in my guest hall. It’s great because I can leave the light on when I leave my study and it will go out by itself. It’s just something cool he did for me the last time he visited. That was also the visit I came home and he’d completely cleaned out my garage and put up shelves and made it so I could actually use it for parking. 10. Taught me that I could learn something from anyone, and I do mean anyone I come in contact with. It’s a lesson that has served me very well throughout my life.

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