Date Created: 09/25/2017
Last Updated: 09/25/2017

In loving memory of Bernie Odelson
7/7/1942 - 9/7/2017

Location: Georgetown, Texas

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This memorial was created in honor of Bernie M Odelson of Georgetown, Texas. Bernard was born on July 7, 1942 and passed on September 7, 2017. Bernard was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Radames Pera Thursday, September 28, 2017
I met Bernie in the "ought" years of the 21st Century through a Craigslist ad he posted for his tax preparation services. His first actions demonstrated courtesy and service - he came to my home! We got along instantly (as I'm sure many have with him, he having been such a personable fellow) and he proceeded to remain calm and collected though my ex-wife's extensive grilling. (She must have assumed that no truly qualified numbers guy would advertise on Craigslist. My experiences were otherwise and I quickly realized that here was a man truly OVERqualified for the job of preparing tax returns as I began to feel truly fortunate I had found him!) Over the following years the only thing I looked forward to at tax time were my business interactions with Bernie. Because, of course, they weren't as much that as they were personal visits with him. Every time I came over, Bernie, and Linda, too, made me feel like I was less a client and more a good friend. And it was genuine, and reciprocal. Bernie regaled me with stories and insights into the financial world that he was so steeped in prior to his retirement. We saw eye-to-eye on worldly matter AND matters of the heart. I recently mentioned to Linda in a letter of condolence that Bernie, while opinionated, was rather un-judgemental, an unusual and refreshing combination in a person, especially since, or perhaps because of, the heart and passion which he possessed in equally great measure. Bernie loved life, and his connection to it was through people. He loved humanity, and it filled him with the same. I loved it when I uttered an opinion that resonated with his, or I would say something insightful myself and he would pointedly pause, cock his chin down slightly and peer over the top of his glasses at me as if to silently yell, "Bingo!" It was intense and endearing at the same time. He could have charged more for his services, as he was certainly worth it...This is in no way a criticism, in fact I'm sure it was just a part of his kindly strategy to keep a loyal customer base. He was fair both himself and his clients...Retired but quite knowledgeable and skilled at the same time. I hope every one of us knows what a high value we were getting in him. The Bern...I love you and I will miss you dearly.

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