Date Created: 07/07/2015
Last Updated: 07/13/2015

In loving memory of John Babson
6/15/1927 - 7/7/2015

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

Visits: 4,865

This memorial was created in honor of John Everett Babson of Palm Bay, Florida. John was born on June 15, 1927 and passed on July 7, 2015. John was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.

Please visit the site below (copy and paste into your browser) for a tribute video to John's memory.

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We are grateful for your support and love and will truly miss our Father, Grandfather, and Great-grandfather.


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Current Condolences

From: Tyrone Thomas Tuesday, January 29, 2019
After the loss of a loved one. There may be many questions that pass through our minds. We may feel all sorts of emotions and the thought of trying to process everything at once may seem overwhelming. However, the one true God never leaves us in the dark. Through his word the bible, we can find comfort and hope of what he has promised. We can be confident in his promises because God cannot lie. (Titus 1:2) Jehovah God (Psalms 83:18) has promised us that in the future Death will be no more, neither will mourning, nor outcry, nor pain be anymore. (Rev 21:3,4) What a wonderful hope to look forward to and a wonderful place to be. We are deeply sorry for your loss and invite you to refer back to these scriptures for reassurance. If you have any questions please visit

From: Regina and Beverly Atkinson Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Jesus taught that someday "all those in the memorial tombs" will be resurrected. (John 5:28) Jehovah is the Creator of all life. Should it be hard to believe that he can re-create life? Of course, much would depend on Jehovah's memory. Can he remember our dead loved ones? Countless trillions of stars fill the universe, yet God knows the name of each one! (Isaiah 40:26) So Jehovah God can remember our dead loved ones in every detail, and he is ready to restore them to life.

From: Stefanie Catania Saturday, July 25, 2015
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From: Never Gone Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Dear Stefanie,

We are so sorry about the loss of your loved one. We will be here to do everything we can to help you remember the life of your lost loved one. We hope that our site will allow you deal with the loss in your own way. God Bless.

Your Team

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